Linder! (xborn2flyx) wrote in rent,

Tour DVD

Has anyone heard any speculation of a tour dvd?
I've already checked CB, siteforrent, and friendsofrent and came up with nothing, so figured I'd try here (even though this community is practically dead).
I know there is already the movie, and the Rent Filmed Live on Broadway dvd...but a dvd of this tour would be nice, especially since it has Anthony & Adam reprising their roles, and there are rumors it *might* be the last tour. And there are some bootlegs I've already watched....but a professional dvd with special features would be awesome. I saw the tour in DC last week and it was amazing, so much better than when I saw it with Harley Jay, Declan Bennett, etc in 2006....and I loved that one a lot too. But that's just my opinion....overall I just think a dvd would be a great way to remember this tour, and see it over and over.
Anyone know of any talk of a dvd possibly being done? Thanks!
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